Sunrock Ceramics


Sunrock Ceramics was founded in 2005 with the mission of providing specially-tailored, high purity alumina refractory solutions to the U.S and global thermal processing markets. The common thread among the industries served by Sunrock is extremely demanding thermal processing, whether that is because of very high temperatures (up to 1800C), aggressive chemical attacks, heavy mechanical load requirements or fast thermal shock cycles. Most products are consumables such as kiln furniture for high temperature kiln operations or pusher plates for pusher furnaces. Sunrock also provides kiln and furnace refractory shapes for specialty applications such as hydrogen reducing atmospheres.

Sunrock takes a customer-focused approach to finding the best solution for each application, taking into account the customers' many competing interests. We then meet these needs through a flexible manufacturing system that allows us to customize product properties to maximize performance for each unique application. Our goal is to have a thorough understanding of each customer application, then to provide the right product at the right time, right every time.

As we work toward 100% execution of this mission, Sunrock is dedicated to continuous improvement achieved through ongoing customer feedback and engaged employees. Recent validation that we are on the correct path is the award of Supplier of the Year by Ceramic Industry magazine and recognition in Inc magazine as one of the top 5000 fastest growing U.S small businesses.



To learn more about Sunrock or to purchase Sunrock products, please email Doug Thurman or call (708) 344-7600.




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